Scenography workshop at RISEBA FAD

Two days, in February 25 and 26, first year architecture students participated in the scenography workshop led by young, well recognized and experienced set designer Reinis Suhanovs. After reading A. Chekhov's "The Seagull" they had a task to translate two different atmospheres from the play into the stage design concept.

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Saulkrasti / intensive workshop

Saulkrasti is a town in Latvia, which lies on the east coast of Gulf of Riga. It stretches across 17 km from Lilaste river to Zvejniekciems village. Saulkrasti is one the most important beach cities in Latvia. It is a unique city in chameleonic appearance: in the summer the amount of inhabitance multiplies by 10, a difference of 6000 inhabitants in the winter to almost 40.000 in the summer. This implicates the need of a very flexible city with an explosion of programs during the summer. In the winter the city looks almost dead but maybe you can find possibilities to make this city attractive 360 days in a year?

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Structural design workshop and competition with Jürgen S. Wassink

In April, 2013 RISEBA FAD organizes Construction workshop and competition of pasta towers supervised by one of the most brilliant engineers of the new Deutsche welle professor Jürgen S. Wassink from Wuppertal University, Germany. He has been working with series of the most complex projects designed by prominent contemporary architects and artists.

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