Beginning of the study year 2018/2019 for undergraduate students at RISEBA FAD

The new academic year for 1st-year architecture students will commence on 3 September, 11.00 at RISEBA Architecture and Media center H2O 6, Street Durbes 4, 3rd floor. For some students, this will be the first year of study at the university, but for all of them, it will definitely be an exciting stage of life that will bring again new knowledge and experience. As usual, at the beginning of the study year, freshmen are expected to get acquainted with the university, its culture, traditions, faculty management and administration, its chosen specialty, the program, as well as students from other sectors.

Full-time students will have Introduction Week on 4–7 September when freshmen will be introduced to RISEBA learning environment and get to know coursemates through a series of interactive and exciting activities. On 7 September evening, the Student Council is throwing a party in some cozy place in Riga to celebrate the New Academic Year – Back to Streets Party.

See the program of the introduction week HERE.

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Entrance examination in drawing and composition

Specializētā iestājpārbaudījuma zīmēšanā un kompozīcijā nolikums angļu valodā pieejams šeit.

Iestājpārbaudījuma datumi 2018. gadā – 11. un 12. jūlijs, kā arī 16. augusts, plkst. 10.00, Durbes iela 4, RISEBA Mākslas studijā.

Specializēto eksāmenu veido divas daļas: ģeometrisku formu grupas zīmējums un brīvais uzdevums – telpiska kompozīcija (makets). Katras daļas ilgums – 2 stundas.

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