First spring semester open online SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE lecture by Turkish Architect and lecturer Efe Duyan (TR) this Thursday 18.03.21 . The lecture will look at the coexistence of such concepts - architecture and art. Author raises questions to to stimulate discussion on Critical Architectural thinking: ”Is architecture a form of art? If so, can architectural design emerge as a critical manifestation beyond a compositional solution to a given functional program.”

Lecture will start at 12.00. 

Language: English


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On 1st of October there will be next Slice Of Archietcture lecture given by Ramon Cordova (MEX), architect, lecturer and researcher. Ramon will talk about his working experience in Mexico and different approaches which are used in the work process.

Lecture will start at 12.00, 3rd year studio.

Welcome any architecture student, enthusiast or friend!

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Slice of Architecture at FAD on Friday, Feb 7, 13.00 –>>> open lecture from EASA Latvia members Gustavs Grasis and Andrejs Sokolovs "European Architecture Student Assembly - Afternoon storytime". The European Architecture Student Assembly, or EASA as it is more widely known, is a two week long summer event where more than 500 architecture students from all of Europe and the world come together to take part in 40 workshops. The next EASA event will be held in the border town of Valga/Valka between Estonia and Latvia at the end of July, and an EASA sister event called SESAM will be held in Slavutych, Ukraine at the end of May.


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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: architect, urbanist Aleksandrs Feltins, Dec 12, 13.00

"Slice of Architecture" open lecture series this semester ends on December 12 at 13.00 with a guest lecture by architect and urbanist ALEKSANDRS FELTINS – "Climate Change Adaptation of Urban Blocks". Aleksandrs will illustrate how the climate change adaptation is reliant on urban structure. This connection goes down to how territories are arranged and how movement is organized. The lecture is based on own practical work as a project manager in a research project and a master's degree in urbanism in Delft University of Technology.

Lecture will be held in English. Venue: Street Durbes 4, room 303. Everybody is welcome!

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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: architect Ivar Krasinski (Dubai, EDGE) / Thursday, Nov 14, 13.00

Slice of Architecture at FAD on Thursday, Nov 14, 13.00 –>>> open lecture by architect Ivar Krasinski (UAE) "Doing it wrong: incorrect assumptions regarding the sustainability of highrise buildings". Ivar Krasinski is a design director and founding partner of EDGE, based in Dubai – His expertise covers large scale projects related to masterplanning, hospitality, residential, commercial, mixed use and venues.

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