The RISEBA University of Applied Sciences established 2 years long professional MA program in Architecture (120 ECTS) as a follow-up to the existing 7 semesters long BA program (210 ECTS) in Architecture. The total length of the Architecture studies at the RISEBA (Bachelor + Master) will shape the volume of 330 ECTS or 5,5 full-time study years thus meeting the general requirements of the EU standards for the Architects profession.

The professional RISEBA Master of Architecture program is accredited and included in the following directive of the European Parliament and Council: 2005/36/EK (07.09.2005) on the recognition of professional qualifications. (Annex V, point 5.7.1, page 180)

The graduates of the professional postgraduate program "Architecture" will be eligible to obtain the architect's certificate and begin professional practice in accordance with the certification requirements for the architects of the Republic of Latvia. MA program “Architecture” is designed to provide students with the professional postgraduate level education and practical experience of high quality in architecture and urban planning, as well as deep theoretical knowledge in architecture and urban planning science, which would be beneficial for correspondent scientific field and grow Latvian intellectual potential in accordance with European Union standards and priorities due to ongoing process of globalization.

Starting 2023 Spring semester, the professional master’s architecture program will offer a Specialization Track -  in landscape architecture and urbanism. This specialization is structured based on the Standard Track – Architecture program modules but will provide concentrated studies in landscape design and urbanism. This specialization does not replace but modifies the current focus of the study. The objective of these studies is to provide the students with an opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge, design skills and required competencies in landscape architecture and to enable work that focuses on landscape and spatial–urban transformation projects. More information about the specialization track  - here.

The institutional vision of RISEBA University of Applied Sciences is to establish a study environment where business meets arts. The Architecture program at RISEBA is considered as a creative director of the studies.

The main study cores of the MA program are as follows:

  • architecture, urban planning, and sustainability;
  • entrepreneurship, project management, and law studies;
  • BIM – building information modeling studies;
  • optional studies related to the creative industries and arts;
  • study practice in local or international architecture firms or municipal institutions.

The list of the study courses for standard track – download here.
The list of the study courses for specialisation track – download here.
Standard track course descriptions – here.

The fundamental concept of the program is the continuous development of the Master’s thesis during the whole study process. This factor allows concluding that the study process will provide an individual approach to every student’s interests. The content of the Bachelor’s program at RISEBA covers the major part of the knowledge, skills, and competencies ascribed to the Architects profession allowing to establish the Master's program as a cycle of specialization studies – the concept of urban planning seems very reasonable. The program reflects the needs of contemporary developments (including technological resources and systems) and marks the program as potentially interesting for educational & professional partnership in the future.

The academic staff involved in the program: guest lecturer, architect Dirk Jan Postel (Netherlands), RISEBA Honorary professor, architect Andris Kronbergs, architect, assistant professor Ilze Paklone, social anthropologist, guest lecturer Viesturs Celmiņš, urban planner and architect, guest lecturer Egons Bērziņš, assistant professor Iveta Ludviga, guest lecturer Jānis Rušenieks, guest lecturer Andis Kublačovs, guest lecturer Jana Jākobsone, guest lecturer Jānis Berķis, lecturer Ivars Runģis, guest lecturer, architect Rudolfs Dainis Šmits, guest lecturer, architect, urban planner Mark Geldof, guest lecturer, landscape architect Helēna Gūtmane, guest lecturer, landscape architect Ilze Rukšāne and others.

International opportunities: one semester studies/practice abroad (ERASMUS Programme)

Start of the studies for the upcoming period: February 2023.

Tuition fee: 7800 EUR  (Latvian citizens)
Tuition fee: 8200 EUR  (for citizens of EU, EEA, CIS countries, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries)

  • The additional 15% discount (for the first study year) will be given to RISEBA University BA Architecture program graduates.

RISEBA University also supports high-performing and creative students in the financing of their studies and offers a wide range of other tuition fee discounts. More information on the study fees, discounts. More on the study loans and scholarships.

Professional Master's program "Architecture" is accredited until February 2, 2029.

Frequently asked questions: here

Contacts and information:
Director of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Professional Master's study program "Architecture" director:
Rudolfs Dainis Šmits
Phone: +371 29515554
r[email protected]