Semester start for 1st year students / 2013/2014

Starting the 2013/2014 academic year new RISEBA FAD students were visiting the most significant architecture instutitions in Riga. They met with the experts of architecture to find out about the importance of architect profession. Students met with Mārtiņs Ķibilds, chairman of the board of Latvian Association of Architects, director of Latvian Architecture museum Ilze Martinsone and art historian Ināra Apena. First year students were also greeted by Riga City architect Gvido Princis.

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WRAP-UP! in 2nd year studio


On the 28th of May students of the second year of Riseba FAD presented their concepts and projects for the Cultural House in Saulkrasti at the Saulkrasti City Council. Together with the tutors of the studio, special jury was invited to review the projects - architects Bert Gellynck, Kelly Nelson and representative of City Council - Normunds Līcis.

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WRAP-UP! in 1st year studio

1st YEAR STUDIO / LAT HOUSE (Living Apart Together)

On 27th of May, the first year students of RISEBA FAD presented their final projects for a family house in Ķīpsala. Together with the tutors of the studio, visiting jury members were invited to review the projects - Cynthia Markhoff, Kelly Nelson and Zaiga Gaile. The jury of the final project will be the apotheosis of one year of intensive work performed by the first year students of the RISEBA FAD. In the faculty the design studio is the central place where students can explore and experiment with the design of architecture, a place where we are “thinking by making”, a process in which rationality meets intuition and culture meets engineering.

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RISEBA FAD architectural design MASTERCLASS / Apr 20, 2013

ARCHITECTURE DESIGN MASTERCLASS APPLICATION for gymnasium graduates - potential architecture students IS OPEN. Date and time: April 20, from 10 am until 3 pm (arrival starting from 9.30). Masterclass supervisors: RISEBA FAD design studio tutors Cynthia Markhoff (MARCKS Studio, NL) and Oskars Redbergs (director of Architecture programme). 

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