SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: architect, urbanist Aleksandrs Feltins, Dec 12, 13.00

"Slice of Architecture" open lecture series this semester ends on December 12 at 13.00 with a guest lecture by architect and urbanist ALEKSANDRS FELTINS – "Climate Change Adaptation of Urban Blocks". Aleksandrs will illustrate how the climate change adaptation is reliant on urban structure. This connection goes down to how territories are arranged and how movement is organized. The lecture is based on own practical work as a project manager in a research project and a master's degree in urbanism in Delft University of Technology.

Lecture will be held in English. Venue: Street Durbes 4, room 303. Everybody is welcome!

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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: architect Ivar Krasinski (Dubai, EDGE) / Thursday, Nov 14, 13.00

Slice of Architecture at FAD on Thursday, Nov 14, 13.00 –>>> open lecture by architect Ivar Krasinski (UAE) "Doing it wrong: incorrect assumptions regarding the sustainability of highrise buildings". Ivar Krasinski is a design director and founding partner of EDGE, based in Dubai – His expertise covers large scale projects related to masterplanning, hospitality, residential, commercial, mixed use and venues.

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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: arhitect, teacher and PhD student ELENA MALTCEVA (RU) / Thursday, Oct 17, 13.00

SLICE of ARCHITECTURE lecture cycle this study year restarts with a lecture "Industrial areas in an urban environment. Ways of renovation. Liquidation or modernization of industrial areas? (architectural and town planning aspect)" by ELENA MALTCEVA (RU) from Tyumen State University of Architecture. Time and venue: Oct 17, 13.00, 3rd floor design studio at H2O 6 Architecture and Media centre, Durbes Street 4. Everybody is welcome.

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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: PhD candidate from New York University – Da Hyung Jeong / 29 Nov 2018, 13.00

Latvian architecture history is often a topic also in the studies of foreign researchers. Welcome to the upcoming SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE talk on Nov 29, 13.00 by Da Hyung Jeong, a PhD candidate from New York University – "National Question": Postmodern Tendencies in Late Soviet Architecture.

Da Hyung Jeong is a doctoral candidate in Art History at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. He explores the possibility of imagining a Soviet architectural postmodernism, one that combines a critique of modernism and reflection on the status of non-Russian ethnicities. He has delivered talks at international conferences on such subjects as global postmodernism and Soviet-Japanese architectural exchange.

Everybody is welcome! The lecture will be held in English. Location: Street Durbes 4, 3rd-floor design studio, room 303.

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