1st and 2nd year architecture students explores Finish architecture on the annual study tour from June 4 to 9 Camera

From June 4 to 9 architecture students of 1st and 2nd years went on the annual study tour to Finland. The road trip started with the bus tour to Helsinki, then continued to Tampere, Jyvaskyla, Seinajoki, Rauma and Turku. Students were accompanied by tutors Bart Melort, Gosia Olchowska, Dina Suhanova and Ints Menģelis.

Along the tour the group explored the historical architecture of Finland and Helsinki city, studied the legacy of the most celebrated midcentury Modernism Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, visited recent contemporary culture and sacral architecture and housing developments, visited the Aalto University and Tampere University of Technology, had a tour in the largest Finnish architecture office JKMM architects, enjoyed relaxing urban and rural sauna, and much more.

Photos: Dina Suhanova

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Summer admission for BA architecture studies at FAD is now open!

Information for Latvian applicants

Graduates of Year 2017 and scholarship seekers (citizens of Latvia) can apply for Bachelor study programmes through the united electronic application system (VUPP) starting from 26 June, 2017. Scholarship seekers, high school graduates of Year 2016 and earlier can apply directly to university (RISEBA Information Centre, 3 Meza Street, Riga) or through the online platform.
Admission period for applicants from Latvia is from 1 April to 19 August, 2017.

Information for International applicants

All international (non–Latvian) applicants can apply online –
Admission period for international applicants is from 1 April to 30 June, 2017.

Upcoming study year starts in September.

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RISEBA FAD end of 2016/2017 spring semester architecture student projects reviews and events Camera

The BA architecture student projects reviews this year are organised in three days from Wednesday, May 24 to Friday, May 26 concluding with the open guest lecture, award ceremony and student party in the courtyard of H2O 6 on Friday. 
Presentations will start on Wednesday, May 24, 9.00 with the 3rd-year architecture design studio projects on “Knowledge mile and mobility in Pārdaugava”. On Thursday, May 25, 14.00, 2nd year architecture design studio will present proposals for The Visitor Center of Daugavas loki Nature Park in Latgale. On May 26, 10.00, 1st year Basics of Design studio with the private house projects in Moscow Forstadt, Street Līksnas. Read more to see the program.

Welcome to join the presentations, reviews and other events!
Location: RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6, Street Durbes 4, 3rd-floor design studio.

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PROCESS 17: RISEBA FAD and RTU AF architecture student creative process exhibition Camera

Architecture student work exhibition PROCESS 17 will show the development stages of study projects by recreating the typical architecture studio interior with student sketches and scale models. Among the students' works, there will also be drawings from the works of this year's Architectural Award of the Year nominees.

Opening of the exhibition – Tuesday, May 16, 17.00 in the Cupola hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art.

The exhibition is organized as a collaboration between RISEBA University Architecture programme and RTU Faculty of Architecture students.

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