The essay "The Tectonics of Brick Architecture" by Udo Garritzmann published in recent monograph "Brick. An Exacting Material"

Brick. An exacting material offers and overview about the tectonics in contemporary Dutch brick architecture and contains variety of drawings and photo's. The texts are written by such specialists as Aart Oxenaar (urban history), Louise Schouwenberg (design and material), Baukje Trenning (Amsterdam), Udo Garritzmann (tectonics), Machiel Spaan, Hans van der Heijden, Jeroen Geurst, Harrie Vekemans (legislation), Jaapjan Berg (interviews). Authors: Jan Peter Wingender (editor), Joost Grootens. Monograph is published in English, 2015 by Architectur & Natura Press in cooperation with the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.