3rd-year architecture design studio publications on “Knowledge mile and mobility in Pārdaugava”

Along with the finishing of the spring semester 3rd-year Architecture Design IV studio project “Knowledge mile and mobility in Pārdaugava” is compiled and printed out in two imposing volumes – "Beyond education: Knowledge mile Pārdaugava" and "Part II: Spatial Plan". Tutors of the studio: Thomas Stellmach (DE), Viesturs Celmiņš, Ilze Paklone. 

"The goal of design study III this year is to rethink and design the future of new academic infrastructure on the left bank of Riga. An extensive research part assesses the history and current challenges in university planning around the globe, while practical design studio proposes to create a knowledge quarter in the coming years to meet the needs of the emerging knowledge economy in the city in the years to come."

/Viesturs Celmiņš/