Practical work in Kuldīga Camera

From October 26 to 27 this year, the RISEBA University's bachelor's and master's program in Architecture students participated in a two-day plein air organized by the municipality of Kuldīga region, in cooperation with Business, Art and Technology University - RISEBA as a part of their Cultural Heritage and Cultural-Historical Heritage in the Modern Urban Environment study courses.

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AI Architecture workshop 2023 Camera

First AI ARCHITECTURE WORKSHOP for RISEBA architecture students&tutors will happen October 16-18 2023 at RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design. Workshop will be led by AA Dipl. Architect Tamim Negm, who is very passionate by AI usage, loves to experiment with different tools and apply them in architectural projects. Event is free of charge for all RISEBA students and tutors! Don't miss this incredible opportunity.

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The installation Subject/Object, or Riga structures, are two large-format sculptures that were built with the participation of students and colleagues of the world-famous American architect John Hejduk at a special event in 1987 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. The 2021 published edition in Latvia "Johns Hejduks: Projekts Rīga" started the second path of this event, the new production Projekts Rīga - Subjekts/Objekts, which will be used in various places and situations in Latvia as an 'environmental project'. It is planned to start the traveling exhibition of Subject/Object sculptures in the courtyard of Rundāle Palace, and then in Rīga, Sāti and elsewhere. Both structures will be designed with the help of students using materials and modular components that allow for repeated assembly, disassembly, packing, moving and installation. The traveling installation would take the form of temporary exhibitions; it would be both publicly available and viewable remotely. In this production, both the troupe of characters, the actors and the spectators come on stage, so that everyone can live in the spatially unstable and perceptually changing conditions of the game.

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