FAD students participating in the project “Multifunctional public outdoor spaces in the vicinity of Riga city” Camera

Riga City Council Development Department, attracting university students from the School of Business, Arts and Technology “RISEBA” and Riga Technical University, professional landscape architects from the ALPS landscape workshop and local residents, launched a new initiative - “Multifunctional public outdoor spaces around Riga”. The aim of the project is to create a multifunctional public outdoor space in each administrative territory of the Riga Executive Directorate, creating a comfortable, safe and pleasant urban environment.

Until May 20, we invite residents to get acquainted and give an opinion on the proposals for the improvement of public outdoor space developed by students in the vicinity of Moscow suburbs, Zolitūde and Sarkandaugava: www.rdpad.lv/skaties-un-verte/

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Student projects: City, Co-designing and Augmented urbanity, Cēsis

Case study: Green territories and public space in the city of Cēsis

By reason of the increasing nuber of environmental problems, nature as a resource obtains a crucial value. Due to globalisation and technological progress, many people return to their roots and seek unity with the nature. The concept of Cēsis as a resort was born to explore the potential of nature for development of the town. Student projects focuses on Cīrulīši and Gaujaslīči – two green neighbourhoods in Cēsis. How intact environment as a national treasure with contemporary services can blur borders of urban and rural lifestyles?

Study year – 2018/2019. Tutors: Ilze Paklone, Viesturs Celmiņš.

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