Bridge over Zunda Canal

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we would like to share the great news - the talented master program students of our Faculty of Architecture and Design, Sergejs Kopils and Andrejs Kopils, together with our faculty teacher Harijas Alsins, have won second place (promotion award) in the Riga city competition for a bridge over the Zunda Channel!

This bridge project, known as the "Prototilts", is not only an innovative bridge design. It is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge that incorporates the latest construction technologies - 3D printed steel structures and an ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) deck. The aim of the project is to demonstrate innovative, experimental technologies in practical application, using design and financial advantages, as well as promoting the development of innovations in Riga and Latvia in the fields of design, production and construction.

The jury evaluated the work of our students and teachers as a carefully thought-out and ecologically oriented project that makes a significant contribution to the promotion of mobility and the development of public outdoor space in Pārdaugava.

This project is not just about building bridges - it is a step forward in the development of our city's mobility and infrastructure, and we are proud that the talents of our faculty have contributed to this important initiative.

Congratulations to Sergejs Kopils, Andrejs Kopils and Harijs Alsins on this fantastic achievement!

Read more about the competiton here