SLICE of ARCHITECTURE lecture cycle as parallel session of the RISEBA University international scientific conference: Apr 28, 14.00 Camera

Welcome to join the three lecture cycle (Slice of Architecture) starting at Riseba University / FAD on Apr 28, 14.00 – 16.00, room 303:

- Architect and guest teacher Dirk Jan Postel (NL) with the lecture "Stepping up ambitions: our cradle-to-cradle design book"
- 3rd-year Architecture design studio and tutor Ilze Paklone about their studio research on University Campuses
- Architect and guest teacher Bart Melort (BE) with the topic "Sustainable business".

The lecture cycle is organized as the parallel session of the 10th Annual Scientific Baltic Business Management Conference of RISEBA University “Sustainable Organisations: Creating and Managing in Turbulent Business Environment” taking place at RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H2O 6.

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SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE / exhibition edition: lecture by Dirk Jan Postel “Architecture to survive and to die for” at NLL, March 24, 11.00 Camera

As part of BA architecture graduate project exhibition RE-CREATION, on Friday, March 24, 11.00 everybody is invited to the public talk by architect Dirk Jan Postel ("Kraaijvanger architects", NL) in the atrium of NLL. “Architecture to survive and to die for” will be the talk about the future prospects of architecture – especially for a high level of sustainability combined with high-quality architecture.

More about architect Dirk Jan Postel in the magazine LATVIJAS ARCHITEKTŪRA february/march issue No. 129.

The lecture will be in English. Everybody is welcome.

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Slice of Architecture: architect and printmaker Gosia Olchowska / Feb 24, 2017

First SLICE of the 2016/2017 spring semester will take place on Friday, Feb 24, 12.30 with an open lecture "Drawing as a reiterative act" by architect and a printmaker Gosia Olchowska (PL/BE). Gosia Olchowska is an architect and a printmaker living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. She studied architecture first at TU Wroclaw (PL), Lincoln University (UK) and at Delft University of Technology where she graduated.

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Slice of Architecture / Dec 1, 2016: HELĒNA LAURA BINDEMANE

Last Slice of Architecture of the fall semester will be held on Thursday, Dec 1, at 13.00. 2nd-year student in the lecture "Hippies on Campus" Helēna Laura Bindemane will talk about her summer experience in the US taking part in the Studies of the United States Institute (SUSI) exchange program. 

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