Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) currently realizes international and competitive Bachelor's and Master's architecture study programs in Latvia. Since its foundation in 2011, the faculty has combined the best architecture education standards and teaching experiences within Europe becoming the architecture school of regional importance. FAD offers education at the highest standards with a curriculum that combines its main study fields, architecture, urban planning, and design, with the understanding of business skills and social sciences.

FAD is led by local and internationally recognized academics, practicing architects, designers, and theorists. The department has become a part of international networks meaning that during the academic year several international guest professors will frequent the university taking part as external experts in the juries, tutoring, or teaching lectures. During the last years, there have been invited teaching staff and external experts from Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Argentina, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Estonia, and the United States. Being able to attract a range of international professionals gives the school a stand-out position and is aimed to attract students also from the Baltic region and beyond.

Since the establishment of FAD under the leadership of architect Oskars Redbergs, the spirit of experimentation both in research and in practice has united the faculty. He aimed to search for new architectural teaching concepts, questioning the old system, confronting old traditions and the experience brought from abroad, led to innovations and urged for trials in the architecture teaching methods, and became the leading force in the school’s progress. During these years there has been carried out fundamental research in architecture, urban planning, and design. The next appointed Head of the Architecture and Design Faculty architect Jānis Dripe is closely following the former traditions.

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