Nov 17, 2016, installation Mīts. Mūsdienu ala, official opening

1st-year architecture students from FAD teamed up with the artists Julien Morel (FR), Māris Grosbahs (LV) and architects Didzis Jaunzems, Dina Suhanova (LV) to reveal the art installation in the front yard of RISEBA Architecture and Media centre H2O 6. The installation became a part of Staro Rīga 2016 festival events and program taking place across Riga from Nov 17 until 20. Official opening was held on Thursday, Nov 17, 17.00 / Str. Durbes 4. Author of the design: Karine Bagdasaryan.

Participants: Julien Morel (FR), Māris Grosbahs, Didzis Jaunzems, Dina Suhanova and students: Karine Bagdasaryan, Linda Bērtule, Anete Biņķe, Zanda Bojāre, Anastasija Kočkina, Beatrise Lūse, Valērija Petrova, Līva Purmale, Anastasija Raguļina, Viktorija Reva, Ksenia Sapega, Dita Vanaga, Raivis Veisbergs, Camila Yakubova, Marta Zīle.

Technical realisation and construction: Hansa Film Services together with the students.
Installation of the light and projection: Ģirts Ozoliņš.
Photo, video: Kostas Margiavicius.

Partners: RISEBA University in cooperation with Design Innovation centre.
Project is implemented by: RISEBA University FAD in cooperation with Design Innovation centre.
Financed by: French institute in Saint-Etienne and Riga, RISEBA University, La Fabrique, Regione Rhone - Alpes Auvergne.

Thanks to all who made it happen!