Slice of Architecture : Architectural Alchemy

Get ready to venture into uncharted territories where the mind meets mortar, and structures are more than just bricks and beams. Our gathering will serve to unravel the magic behind neuromarketing and its transformative power in understanding human behavior where we will together embark on an exciting journey to shed some light on how science meets design, and perceptions become spaces.

We invite you to take a "Slice of Architecture" and join us at Neuromarketing Specialist Ali Levent Kurtoğlu’s lecture on “Architectural Alchemy: Crafting Spaces Beyond Perception with Neuromarketing”. Dr. Kurtoğlu is flying from Istanbul, Turkey to give the SLICE Lecture at RISEBA FAD. The event is part of ERASMUS+ Mobility Program 2023.

The lecture will held in the H2O 3rd floor FAD Studio on December 8, 13:00 and will be streamed on Zoom: link

Meeting ID: 815 3199 4985
Passcode: 232682