“Roma and the Teacher, Astra Zariņa” Exhibition  

On March 14, 2024, the RISEBA University faculty of Architecture and Design, in collaboration with the ARHITEKSTI Foundation, unveiled the exhibition “Roma and the Teacher, Astra Zariņa” at the Latvian National Library. This exhibition celebrates the intellectual legacy of the renowned Latvian architect and pedagogue, Astra Zariņa, in Italy. It explores Zariņa’s long-standing research object - Rome, its public space, and the social significance of its roof landscape on the city’s daily life and culture. 

The exhibition showcased original materials from Zariņa’s book “I tetti di Roma”, large-format prints of Baltazar Korab’s photographs, Zariņa’s personal Rome sketches, large-format prints of architect Steven Holl’s work, handwritten letters, and a model of the “Belvedere” memorial dedicated to Zariņa. The exhibition was enriched by the works created during the CIVITA 2023 masterclass organized by RISEBA FAD and the ARHITEKSTI Foundation in November 2023. 

The opening event was introduced by Marisa Espe, a representative of the New York-based architecture studio “Steven Holl Architects” and the gallery “'T’ Space”. She interviewed the most famous student of Astra Zariņa - the acclaimed American architect Steven Holl, via video live stream. A short film specially prepared for this exhibition about Zariņa’s lifetime contribution to architecture and her influence on Steven Holl’s professional career was also presented. 

The exhibition was included in the program of the second international architecture conference RIXARCH 2024, organized by the RISEBA Architecture and Design Faculty (FAD), which was dedicated to Astra Zariņa. The leaders of the Civita Institute, founded by Zariņa, were also among the main speakers at the conference. This exhibition also included student and tutor works from RISEBA faculty of architecture that participated in the first Civita 2023 workshop a collaborative project between Arhiteksti foundation, The Civita Instititute and Riseba FAD. The exhibition was on display from March 14, 2024, to May 3, 2024. 

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