SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: PhD candidate from New York University – Da Hyung Jeong / 29 Nov 2018, 13.00

Latvian architecture history is often a topic also in the studies of foreign researchers. Welcome to the upcoming SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE talk on Nov 29, 13.00 by Da Hyung Jeong, a PhD candidate from New York University – "National Question": Postmodern Tendencies in Late Soviet Architecture.

Da Hyung Jeong is a doctoral candidate in Art History at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. He explores the possibility of imagining a Soviet architectural postmodernism, one that combines a critique of modernism and reflection on the status of non-Russian ethnicities. He has delivered talks at international conferences on such subjects as global postmodernism and Soviet-Japanese architectural exchange.

Everybody is welcome! The lecture will be held in English. Location: Street Durbes 4, 3rd-floor design studio, room 303.
Image: Kolkhoz Mārupe, 1982. Architects: A. Skujina, A. Marinska