KĀRLIS NARKEVIČS/ BA Thesis / 2015 / Development of Central Station Square

Theoretical part: The importance of the public square in an urban structure. Riga Central Station Square / Supervisor: Mg. arh. Artis Zvirgzdiņš

Practical part: Development of Central Station Square / Supervisor: Dipl. arh. Andris Rubenis

Central Station Square is currently one of the largest and most actively used public spaces in the centre of Riga, although its role in public events is relatively small. Its central location and the dense surrounding transport infrastructure create the perception that it is mostly used for transit purposes. The task of the thesis project is to incorporate Riga Central Station Square into a common network with other public areas of the city. To achieve this, direct and easy-to-use connections for pedestrians would be essential. A direct connection with public transportation should be revived as well. To improve the character of the urban environment, optimisation of current traffic lanes should be considered. The existing access points should be supplemented with new ones to improve movement dynamics and broaden the choices of direction. Through defining the organisational centre for the station building and the square, the functional character of the station can once again be revived – the station function must be separated from commercial functions. To stimulate public activities in the square, a rectangular-shaped space is presented with the purpose of creating a setting with a unique character.