SLICE OF ARCHITECTURE: COMMUNA (BE) / Thursday, Oct 18, 12.30

Welcome to the upcoming lecture-discussion on Thursday, October 18, 12.30 at FAD where representatives from “Communa”, a non-profit organisation that facilitates transitory uses of empty buildings in and around Brussels, will talk about urban development projects.

“Communa” believes that revitalising empty spaces is a powerful way to reclaim the city, encompassing all aspects that make up an urban environment. Therefore, they host a broad range of projects that aim to rethink and reshape the city such as social and cultural projects, housing initiatives, co-working spaces, artists' studios/workshops, circular economy structures and commons experiments, to name a few. However, “Communa” does much more than simply matching spaces lacking projects with projects lacking spaces. Their main mission is to foster Brussels’ resilience by creating an ecosystem that will provide citizens with a real option for a tight-knit, resilient and inter-supportive lifestyle in Brussels.

The lecture will be held in English. Location: RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O 6, Street Durbes 4, 3rd-floor design studio (room 303).