Open Architecture: The Resident as a Participant

Read the article in the latest Latvian Architecture magazine (Nr.166) about the works of the 2023 RISEBA FAD graduates. This year's overarching theme Atvērtā arhitektūra: iedzīvotājs kā dalībnieks (Open Architecture: The Resident as a Participant) was inspired by a joint workshop of RISEBA, Riga Technical University and Vismara University students and teachers at the Floating University in Berlin in spring 2022, where all students worked together to come up with ideas for a floating bridge design in Zunda canal, Riga. Inspired by the journey we invited students to create projects in which architecture invites rather than formally dictates or controls the experience of residents and related events. Emphasizing also that the life of a building depends on its inhabitants, who take a greater role in shaping its environment, inhabitant as co-author with the architect Hejduk’s approach invites participation through the lens of theater and performance.  

Whole article, available here

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