Amazing summer in inspiring Holland

Alise Jēkabsone / BA Arch 3rd year student / 2013/2014

It was a quite surprise, when studio supervisor architect Cynthia Markhoff invited me and Sabīne for the summer internship. We took this unique chance immediately and couldn't wait for the end of the semester. I believe that everything happens for good, even, if it doesn`t seem like that at the first moment. We happened to live by ourselves in an 3 storey house in Blaricum with a garden and peaceful environment instead of a 15 sq. m. room in a flat with other students, as we thought we would live for 2 months. Every day was great and didn`t seem that we are there for a short time stay – even better - we just fitted there.

Everyday 30km by bike seems a lot? No, it was a great start of a sunny day and a nice, relaxing way back home from the job. A journey all the time and a lesson how to get the best taste out of the day and respect everything that it offers, starting from wild life and ending with human creations. About the job – it equals a hobby and was a beautiful experience to work with Cynthia and Arjan. It took an hour to go to the office and during the biking I was singing and smiling, it reflected my inner harmony and excitement of everything around and everything I was doing there. Do not miss any great opportunity to change your daily routine!