PAGE BREAK Poetry Festival

At the end of the first International Poetry Festival "PAGE BREAK", a poetry concert will take place in Jelgava Castle Hall on May 15 at 7 pm. PAGE BREAK festival marks the wide range collaboration between RISEBA and the city of Jelgava. Our 3rd year Architectural Design students are studying on cultural venues in Jelgava whereas Landscape Design students are working on the historic Jelgava Castle in the Spring 2022. The student works will be exhibited in Jelgava at the end of the semester. The PAGE BREAK Festival’s co-director Efe Duyan, an internationally recognized poet and novelist, as well as our faculty's lecturer and head of research.

If you decide to spend your weekend visiting the festival, or happen to be in Jelgava - please find the free entrance tickets here - here.

The event will feature Caroline Forshe, Tara Skurtu, Dennis Malonie and Christopher Maril from the USA, Mario Bohorkess from Mexico Greece, Christos Cook from Spain, Joland Castanjo from Spain, Matthias Geritz from Germany, Radu Vanco from Romania, Ida Borjell from Sweden, Gjok. from Turkey and the Belarusian poet Volha Hapeev. Latvia will be represented by Inga Gaile and Semjons Hanins. Poetry readings will be accompanied musically by Kārlis Auziņš (saxophone), Kaspars Vizulis (guitar), Toms Poišs (bass guitar), Kaspars Kurdeko (percussion).