Architect and FAD tutor Andris Kronbergs receives the title of Honorary professor of RISEBA

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary events of RISEBA University on Oct 20, architect Andris Kronbergs was awarded the RISEBA Honorary professor title for a personal and institutional support in the process of the creation of the second architecture school in Latvia, as well as for the contribution to the improvement of its professional and educational content.

Architect and teacher at FAD Andris Kronbergs acquired architectural qualification after graduating Riga Technical University. Worked as an architect and project architect in the national planning institute Pilsētprojekts from 1975 - 1985. From 1985 until 1998 has been deputy head architect of Riga city. Since 1989 one of the founders and leaders of ARHIS ARCHITECTS – one of the biggest and most established architectural practices in Latvia.

ARHIS ARCHITECTS have worked on large scale projects on a city planning scale, creating a broad selection of solutions for various territory planning projects and development visions. They participated in one of the biggest city planning events of past years concerning the creation of vision for the development of Daugava’s left bank in Riga. Andris Kronbergs led and participated in the planning processes of large scale projects of both civic and public importance, like the Riga Airport, The National Bank of Latvia building – both construction and reconstruction, offices, commercial buildings and residential housing. ARHIS ARCHITECTS constantly has been a place where architectural students, both local and foreign, have gained practical experience during their internship in different fields of profession. Office takes active part in the architectural competitions of local and international importance. The projects of ARHIS ARCHITECTS several times won the Grand Prix of Latvian annual architecture award, together with many other nominations and awards in separate project categories.

Since 1985 A. Kronbergs has been supervising diploma projects and reviewed works, was participant of the National Evaluation Comitee in Riga Technical University and Riga Building College. He has given lectures both in Latvian universities and abroad. The current problems concerning city planning, architecture and social-politic aspects are known well enough due to participating in the Council for Preservation and Development of Riga Historical Centre, Latvian National Architecture Council, Board of Latvian Architect Union and Riga City Architect’s Collegium.