FAD students take part in the "Mission: Gauja" of Augmented Urbans project in Cēsis Camera

In organising the temporary office “Mission: Gauja” within the project AUGMENTED URBANS, the municipality of Cēsis had the possibility to test a pattern of population involvement allowing everyone to visit the temporary office at a convenient time – both daily and during the events. In two weeks time thereby they managed to involve the widest and more diverse community and variety of interests. RISEBA architecture students Zanda Bojāre and Anete Biņķe participated in the events on September 20, 2019 by presenting their ideas of the development opportunities, scenarios and potential of developing the city of Cēsis as a resort. The task of the studio (Architecture design IV, tutors: V. Celmiņš, I. Paklone) project was to analyse what could be maintained in Gaujaslīči and Cīrulīši, also, how to attract more tourists, and how Cēsis could achieve resort status with the particular design scenarios.

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BLOG: Erasmus exchange studies in Valencia Camera

Līva Purmale / 3rd-year architecture student

ERASMUS exchange in CEU Cardenal Herrera University for me was not only a study period abroad but also a new introduction to the city of Valencia that I got to know quite well. In Spain, now also referring to it as my second home, with its weather and charismatic people, it is hard to find yourself in a bad state of mind. This is also what this jouney has proved me – the exotic trees and never ending sunshine is like an amazing continuous adventure that allows you to feel less stressed and become more involved in the life outside the household.

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