BLOG: Study trip to Italy for 3rd-year architecture students Camera

Ranay Utkelbayeva / 3rd-year student

In June, 2017 the destination of the study trip for the 3rd year was a country with rich history behind – Italy. During the tour we visited several cities: Milan, Genova, Bologna and Rome. The trip was followed by RISEBA FAD tutors: Viesturs Celmins (LV) and Thomas Stellmach (DE). Taking into account, the studio task for the last semester on Education / Knowledge mile – the main research topic in Italy was University campuses.

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FAD and AVMM summer school TA_KA+

Kristīne Obodova, Jānis Bērziņš / FAD absolventi

Nav noslēpums, ka Roja vasarā kļūst par radošu notikumu epicentru. No 21. – 31. jūlijam (2016) šiem notikumiem pievienojās arī augstskolas RISEBA arhitektūras un audiovizuālo mediju mākslas programmu kopīgā starptautiskā vasaras skola TA_KA+, kas turpināja iepriekšējos gados notikušo arhitektūras studentu radošo darbnīcu ARH VASARA tradīcijas. Šogad, pateicoties Valsts izglītības attīstības aģentūras stipendijām un Augstskolai RISEBA, vasaras skolā piedalījās 12 jaunieši no Bulgārijas, Moldovas, Turcijas, Baltkrievijas, Kazahstānas, Uzbekistānas un Latvijas. 

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Konnichiwa, Dear Reader! Camera

Anna Olha / BA Arch II year student / 2015/2016

In the hot summer month of July of the year 2016 me and Anete were lucky to travel a long distance to the faraway country of the rising sun. Japan… I was extremely happy and anxious to go there and enjoy the beauty of that magnificent place. By the time the plane landed in Tokyo the first thing we saw was the fabulous water basin - I felt like it was as clear as glass because one could see the fish swimming in water. I marched into the terminal of the airport and noticed huge sign saying "welcome to Tokyo city air terminal". The excitement filled us from head to toes and I just wanted to run outside and enjoy the fresh air. Once I raised my head up, I got my first “cultural shock” – instead of seeing advertisement of sun-tanned ladies in bikinis offering to purchase self-tanning cream, I witnessed white dressed lady on the billboard, advertising sun blocking cream with an extra whitening-effect…

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