Greatness lives in simplicity

Kārlis Narkevičs / BA Arch I year student / 2011/12

Greatness lives in simplicity, it is well known truth, but it takes hard work to find it. That is how it went this study year, but ... it was very exciting. Study time means for me getting a big platform for experiments and quests, especially in the first year. Learning from the basics. I found a lot of fresh variaties that will help me in my future design process. Presentation and language skills became very useful in communication with professionals of the architectural branch. The great synergy between professors and students creates secure connection for study development. FAD is a big project/laboratory where everyone takes part in growing it. Together we can make it better! 

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And of course a lot of fun! Camera

Anastasija Kozlova / BA Arch I year student / 2011/12

After studying for a year at RISEBA FAD, Faculty of Architecture and Design, I can without a doubt say that I don’t regret one minute. Of course in the beginning it was hard to understand, because I just finished a high school and I didn’t had any practice, but after a month I started to enjoy the study process. The atmosphere in the class is very friendly and everybody helps each other. I enjoy to work with everybody in the course and I think we are like a little architecture family.

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