Final 1st year Basics of Design presentation of fall semester - DONE!

Dina Suhanova / tutor at the Basics of Design Studio I

1st year students succesfuly passed their final presentation of Basics of Design on Dec 17. For just a month they were working on assignment to design a pavilion in Arkādija park. Along the studio supervisors Bert Gellynck, Manten Devriendt, Arnis Dimiņš, Dina Suhanova and programme director Oskars Redbergs in the presentation students also were facing and answering questions of guest jury members - architect Didzis Jaunzems, architecture theorist Alexander Rappaport and architect Cynthia Markhoff.

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First Basics of Design assignment for 1st year students passed

Dina Suhanova / tutor at the Basics of Design Studio I

RISEBA FAD 1st year students succesfully passed their first assignment with final presentation on October 8th. First task was introduction to architectural thinking and designing in three dimensions. They were asked to freely explore the notion of three-dimensional architectural space by making a sculpture keeping in mind the relation of and transition between the outside and inside of an enclosed space. Students completed the assignment in two weeks spending some sleepless nights at studio, recycling piles of the cardboard, working hard to build the models and realizing their first architectural ideas.

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One year at FAD! Camera

Kristīna Reinberga / BA Arch / I year student / 2011/12

I really appreciate the opportunity to study in the first year of FAD - Faculty of Architecture and Design of the University RISEBA. I feel a lot of passion from faculty members to create an architectural school in Riga with an international profile. It is based on a high level of professionalism from the international professors and guest professors. I like the practical approach in study process. The fact that we can actually go out and see what is happening in the world with a support of the architectural school and professors.

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Fricis Vilnis / BA Arch I year student / 2011/12

Year 2011. I graduated Riga Building College as an architecture technician. At that time architecture meant beams, joists, tributary areas, pipes, foundation pits and similar to me. Architecture seemed for me a purely technical profession. In fact, I had no idea what I would learn the upcoming years. Nevertheless I decided to enter the new Faculty of Architecture and Design in Riga.

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