Berlin study tour for FAD students #fadberlin2016 Camera

Pāvels Osipovs / BA Arch I year student / 2015/2016

In April 2016, as a part of the annual study practice, first, second and third year architecture students from RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design were lucky to team up with their tutors Dina Suhanova, Didzis Jaunzems, Ints Menģelis, Bart Melort and Martin Sobota for an educational study tour to Berlin, Germany. Prior to arriving, students were assigned to prepare travel guide booklet and short presentations in relation to various architectural objects of Berlin. Several of the researches were presented as the tour through the city progressed.

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Thinking of the future homes. International Week ESET at CEU-UCH

Dina Suhanova / architect / tutor at the Architecture design I studio

With a support of ERASMUS academic staff exchange program from 3rd till 7th of February architect and tutor Dina Suhanova took part in the International Week ESET at CEU Cardenal Herrera University The Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering in Valencia, Spain. The international week brought together 12 teachers and researchers from different European countries (LV, PL, PT, AU, CZ, IT, EE, ES) covering such fields as architecture, engineering design, information technology, energy and sustainability to have a multicultural and interdisciplinary reflection on the future homes of humanity.

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RISEBA FAD 3rd year students goes to Rotterdam / 2014

Ints Menģelis / architect / tutor at the Architecture Design studio III & IV

If you get bored of traditional Hanza city and you feel like living in a museum of history, you need to get a fresh look of the contemporary architecture and urban life and must go to (let's say) Rotterdam. So did 3rd year architecture students. Together with Architecture design IV tutors Janin Walter, Ints Menģelis and Architecture programme director Oskars Redbergs from May 28th till June 1st they went on annual study tour to Netherlands. Since WW II, when city was bombed, it always has been an experimentation platform for the urban enviroment and architecture. Since 1970-ties, when one of most significant architecture offices nowadays OMA (Office of Metropolitain Architecture) was established there, creative competition, experimentation and searching for new possibilities had became even more visible.

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Erasmus internship in Paris

Kārlis Narkevičs / BA Arch III year / 2013/2014

Our study period consists of persistent bigger or smaller trials and challenges but after being in a constant environment and surrounded by the same people, sooner or later each can have a desire for new challenges. I wanted to gain knowledge, to examine myself in unprecedented environment and possibly find new insights. Therefore, I took the opportunity to practice at one of the architect offices abroad using Erasmus Internship placement program. The acquisition of knowledge is very important part of study process, but in my opinion, very important aspect is also a quality relationships with lecturers. Maintaining a friendly and open relationship forms productive communication that can provide unexpected opportunities.

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