Application process for international students to study in BA Architecture programme. More information about 2017/2018 summer admission's procedure can be found here. Admission period for international applicants is from 1 April to 30 June, 2017.

Step by step instructions on how to apply:

Step 1. Check that you meet the entry requirements – the general requirements for RISEBA University and specific requirements for Architecture programme. You will be asked to present following documents:

  • Copy of previous education completion certificate or diploma (original must be presented);
  • 4 photos (3x4);
  • Passport copy (original must be presented) or valid ID;
  • Documents regarding your previous education will be transferred to Latvian Academic Information Centre for verification.

Additionally for BA Architecture programme, candidate should submit following documents (please send it to

  • The portfolio of creative work (drawings, paintings etc.) reflecting the true interests and passion of the candidate as a PDF document not exceeding 5 MB;
  • A motivation letter in English;
  • CV in English;
  • If necessary, there will be also a skype interview scheduled with the candidate.

The board of the faculty will review the application and portfolio and send acceptance or refusal letter to the candidate not later than in 2 weeks time.

Step 2. Online application

Online applications are submitted directly to RISEBA via our application platform here. Create an account, fill in the required information, upload the documents and your test results. You can save your application anytime and come back to it later. Submit your final application when you are happy with it, but before the deadline.

Step 3. Application fee.

All applicants will be asked to pay an application fee of 190 EUR along with their application.
More about the admission's and payment procedure here.

Step 4. Acceptance, conditional acceptance or rejection

We do overall assessment of all the complete applications that we receive. You will be notified on missing documents via application platform. 
Please note that even though you fulfil all the application requirements, it does not mean that you are automatically admitted to the programme. After your document review, you might be requested to take additional language test or Skype interview.
You will be notified regarding the decision via our application platform.

Please note: Your educational documents will be sent for verification to the Latvian Academic Information Centre. It might take three weeks to receive verification results. All admission process might take up to 2 months so early action is strongly encouraged.

Step 5. Visa and residence permit support

Regulations on visas and residence permits for international students in Latvia vary depending on country of citizenship.